Master Blaster - Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution
  • SKU: MB-3CDSWB-30

Master Blaster - Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution

  • Effectively removes fibers, dust and debris from clothes, surfaces or components.
  • Powerful airflow produced by the Master Blaster ® delivers a high volume of air at a relatively low pressure – only 3.5 – well below OSHA standards.
  • The lower pressure means the Master Blaster® can safely be aimed at any part of the body and even direct contact with skin poses no hazard. (Of course, always use caution.)
  • Blower-driven system produces quieter operation.
  • The Master Blaster ® uses far less energy and emits much less noise than compressed air counterparts.
  • Textured matte finish.
  • Heavy-duty all steel body ensures long-lasting operation.
  • Lightweight and portable, it can be moved easily to any location.
  • Companies and industries worldwide have discovered that Blasters, Blowers and Dryers are essential tools in the successful operation of an OSHA-approved environment.
Master Blaster | Drying Assistant | Individual