How We Can Help Grow Your Business
Custom Dealer Solutions (CDS) understands the car dealership business and we provide solutions for all the pain points. CDS carries everything you need to run an automotive detail apartment or have the ability to sell and implement our products into a detail shop, dealership, and all of the other segments of the detailing industry.

CDS is now offering a distribution program for our products. With this program, you have the unique opportunity to request to be a distributor and sell our products within your local market. Our distribution program allows you to have dropship ability or warehousing with deeper discounts. Our distributors will be paid a commission for product distribution based on the customers you bring in and we dropship products to. Our website has the ability to add tags to each customer profile, specifying distributor info and allowing us to track commissions through the back end.

CDS ships standard smaller orders (4- 5 gallons or less) through UPS ground with a 2-3 day lead time to the domestic 48 States. Any orders that require freight will be quoted by CDS and will require the customer to cover half of the shipping charges for each shipment. Any shipments that are damaged in transit will be reshipped by CDS. Damaged goods are brought to our attention by UPS or the carrier and CDS will contact distributors with additional information to relay to their customer.

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Whats the Difference Between our Basic and Pro Sample Packages?

- In our Basic Packages you will get 3 of each Standard Chemical, 1 of each Premium Chemical, 2 of each Aersols, 1 Dye Can, 1 Odor Remover, and Supplies as Listed
- In our Pro Packages you will get 6 of each Standard Chemical, 2 of each Premium Chemical, 4 of each Aersols, 2 Dye Cans, 1 Odor Removers, and Supplies as Listed

How to Become a Distributor

review our sample packages below and see what would be the best fit for you

Product Sample Packages

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