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    Cherry Suds Soap

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    CDS Cherry Suds Soap is a highly concentrated car wash soap. Thick, high sudsing, great lubricity. Formulated to be used with a foam cannon or hand wash. Cherry Suds was fortified with grease cutting detergents, foam boosters and water softening agents. Excellent hard water stability.  Use in both hard or soft water applications. Phosphate free. Biodegradable. 

    Foam Cannon Application:

    Fill canister on foam cannon with 5 oz of Cherry Suds and the rest with water. Fully coat the vehicle with soap. Agitate with sponge or mitt. Let Cherry Suds do the work to clean your vehicle. Rinse off the vehicle and follow with drying. 

    Hand Wash:

    Dilute 1 oz for every 2 gallons. Soak sponge or mitt in bucket and wash entire vehicle. Rinse off and dry. 


    Size: 5 Gallons

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