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Spray Shine Ultimate Cleaning Wax

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Detail Xpress Spray Shine - Ultimate Cleaning Wax was formulated to remove tar, bugs, tree sap and more. Excellent for all painted surfaces, glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, gel coat finishes and non-porous plastics. (Avoid using on Seats, Dashboards, Vinyl Tops, Convertible Tops, Molding or Tires.)
Select an outdoor location where you would usually clean and wax your car. Shake well! Spray on a light coat directly on a 3-4 foot section of the vehicle. Use a Terry Cloth Towel to gently rub product in a circular motion (protective gloves recommended). Allow 10-20 seconds for product to dry to a “haze”. Using a second soft towel (Microfiber Towel recommended) buff off excess to a show car shine. To avoid overspray when using around tires or black molding/insulation tight spaces, spray directly on the application towel and wipe product on. NOTE: For faded paints, bugs, tar, tree sap, etc. apply a heavier coat directly on the spot to be treated, then let stand 2-3 minutes to allow product to remove substance(s) from surface before rubbing.