G-Max Graphene Detail Spray
G-Max Graphene Detail Spray
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G-Max Graphene Detail Spray


Technician's Choice G-Max Graphene Detail Spray features ceramic and graphene infusion to provide superior gloss and protection. Technician's Choice G-Max is a versatile product which can be used on all of today’s modern vehicle surfaces. The spray and wipe product is effortless and gives whole vehicle protection within minutes.

Using G-Max on your vehicle provides whole vehicle protection for up to 6 months with one application. Maintain that protection by reapplying G-Max every 6 months. Repeated use of the product builds layers of protection and only enhances the overall look and protective qualities


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. For first time application - wash and dry vehicle. Perform any needed preparation steps for a flawless finish (clay bar, polish, etc.). Apply a few sprays to a panel. Use one microfiber towel to lightly wipe product into finish. Use a second microfiber towel to wipe to a high gloss shine.

For subsequent application (wet vehicle) - wash vehicle. Apply a few sprays to a panel. Wipe dry with a microfiber towel.

If surface begins to streak, use another dry microfiber towel or use less sprays per panel.

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Graphene Detail Spray | 1 Gallon | 16oz | Individual