IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer
  • SKU: 83676

IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer


The IK FOAM Pro 12 is a foam generator designed for cleaning tasks in various sectors. Its translucent tank allows to check the level of liquid inside and has a system for positioning the lance once the spraying task has been completed. To facilitate the pressurization of the device, the sprayer is equipped with a connector for compressed air. The sprayer is equipped with three mixers (orange, grey and green) which allow to vary the type of foam by choosing between wet, intermediate or dry foam.

    • 2.5 Gal total capacity

    • 1.75 Gal useful capacity

    • 4.25 ft hose

    • 58psi
  • Vendor: IK
  • Barcode: 59996841611006
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