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Correct-It Detailer

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Technician's Choice Correct-It Detailer is a water-based, silicone detailer producing a dynamic showroom shine. Removes buffing throw-off. Excellent clay lubricant that works on chrome, glass & dark vehicles without streaking. Developed as a spray on, wipe off formula. Peach fragrance. NOT BODY SHOP SAFE.

To be used as a clay lubricant or a final touch up detail spray to remove fingerprints and get the vehicle delivery or showroom ready. When used as a clay lubricant spray onto the surface you are working on as well as the onto the detailing clay you are using. Work the clay side to side or up and down over the treated area to remove contaminants. Continue to re-apply Correct-It Detailer when moving to new areas and on clay product. This will ensure you do not leave behind streaks or marks on the paint.