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Carsystem Refinish Restorer

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Size: 250 mL
Carsystem Refinish Restorer is a high quality restorer for all kind of unpainted plastics, which were faded out by the sun. Non painted plastics lose their factory finish faster than any other area on boats, cars, & equipment. Our refinish restorer is a fast completely effective method to bring back the factory finish. Restores porous and non-porous plastics effectively producing a long lasting "new car" appearance. The Carsystem Refinish Restorer is a silicone-free plastic refresher for removing polish residue from plastic scars and refreshing weathered plastic and metal surfaces.
Apply with any polishing rag and let the solution air dry. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Michael R.
    Mic Drop !

    Hands down, this product is BEST in its class..... bar none !
    as for the service from CDS...? well not to sound repetitive BEST in class.... bar none !
    "it's the company you keep"
    thanks guys,
    Michael R.

    JJ Smith
    Top Notch Stuff

    Not much to say. It's awesome stuff.
    Been using it for years.
    Quick, simple and effective.
    I tell all my gearhead buddies about it.

    Dennis F
    Excellent Product!

    Best chemical I ve ever used on Black or grey plastic trim on my cars....Have used for over 10 years, lasts longest out of any I ve tried, and even as it does wear off, does nt leave the "Brindle" or "Tiger Striped "appearance I ve seen with other products I ve tried that are available in local auto supply stores.