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The Importance of Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Maintaining a ceramic coating requires regular attention and dedication. Employ our car cleaning and detailing kits and CitrusWave product for effective cleaning & degreasing, Iron Remover to eliminate ferrous metals, EZ Sudz for gentle yet thorough cleansing, and CarbonAuto for enhancing the ceramic finish. Together, these car detailing supplies can synergize to reinforce the coating's strength and visual allure. By upholding a pristine surface, you shield against UV damage, oxidation, and chemical etching, thus ensuring enduring durability. Conclude the regimen with Power Shine, our high-shine solvent-based silicone tire protectant for a refined finish that harmonizes with your ceramic coating. Protect your investment with quality car detailing supplies and proactive maintenance measures.

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IK Sprayers: A Sprayer For Every Need

Common uses of Pump Sprayers

IK Pump sprayers find extensive use across diverse sectors and applications, such as surface cleaning and disinfection, pest management, automotive detailing, virus containment, and substance application in construction and machinery maintenance.

Common uses for this car detailing product includes foam generation for cleaning, applying release agents and descaling agents in construction, cleaning brakes and vehicle rims, cleaning bathrooms and changing rooms, and disinfecting viruses in public spaces.

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The team is fantastic, the products are top notch, and their service cannot be beat.


I know if I need something, or need something explained the CDS guys are here like clockwork every Thursday.


The CDS guys just stepped up and showed us the right way to do everything, and the right products with the right pads to use. And it's really about the level of quality that we offer here in our shop.