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SM Arnold 18" One Pass Y-Bar Water Blade Kit

SKU 25-927
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Introducing the SM Arnold 18” One Pass Y-Bar Water Blade Combo. The One Pass® Patented Y-Bar™ edge sheds water droplets at an enhanced rate compared to the previous T-Bar™ design.  Easily glides over and around chrome strips, sharp edges and grooves. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces as the soft medical grade silicone blade will not scratch exterior surfaces. This combo pack includes the (25-930) adapter that fits both the 14” & 18” One Pass Water Blades. Perfect for large SUVs, RVs or any other large vehicles.

Included: 18" Y-Bar One Pass Water Blade & (25-930) Pole Adapter. Note: This combo pack DOES NOT include the 31” - 55” telescopic metal handle brush pole (85-678). Purchase separately for the full Water Blade package.