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Touchless Truck Washing

Touchless Washing
(2-Step Process)

What is 2-Step Touchless Washing?

The 2-Step wash process is a highly effective and efficient system that utilizies a first step (acidic low pH) and a second step (alkaline high pH) to safely remove the static bond or alkaline film on almost any type of vehicle or equpment. The 2-step wash process reduces or fully eliminates the brushing aspect of washing. Formulated for truck washing but is a sound alternative for industrial or large scale cleaning. The 2-Step process can be used within an automated wash system or with a pressure washer.

Static Road Film:

Static road film, also known as traffic film or road grime, is a thin layer of dirt and contaminants that accumulates on the exterior surfaces of vehicles as they travel on the road. It is a combination of dust, dirt, exhaust fumes, and other pollutants that are present on the road surface. As vehicles move at high speeds, they generate friction and static electricity which forms an electrosatic bond to the pollutants.

Static road film can be particularly problematic for vehicles, including trucks, as it can accumulate quickly and is often difficult to remove. Over time, the buildup of road film can make a vehicle's exterior appear dull and dingy, and it can also affect the performance of headlights and other important safety features. It can also etch/damage the paint and potentially lead to corrosion and rust.


Which process is more effective, brushing or the 2-Step process?

Removing static road film often requires specialized cleaning solutions and equipment, such as high-pressure washers or cleaning chemicals. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent the buildup of road film, keeping vehicles looking clean and well-maintained while also promoting safer driving conditions. You can achieve a similar result by brushing or by using the 2-step touchless wash process. By using a brush, you are physically using friction to remove the contaminants which detaches them from the exterior of the vehicle. Rinsing with a pressure washer will still be required following the brushing step. This results in more time spent to achieve the desired result.

The most efficient and effective way to remove road film is with the 2-step touchless wash process. By utilizing the acidic low pH (acidic) first step and the high pH (alkaline) second the combination is what neutralizes the positively and negatively charged road film particles (electrostatic bond). By removing the road film with the 2-step process, every time you wash that truck or vehicle in the future it will become easier to clean and remove any film that was deposited proceeding the previous wash.


If you are looking to eliminate brushing, drive down labor costs to acheive the same end result then the 2-Step Touchless Wash Process is exactly what you need.


Directions For Applying the 2-Step Touchless Wash Process:

You will need a acidic low pH presoak, a high pH soap/detergent and a pressure washer (we recommend heated pressure washers). The low pH acidic first step helps with removing oxidation and tough grime. While the high pH helps with neutralizing the acids and removing organic material. The neutralization of the chemicals is what strips the alkaline film from the surface that you are cleaning.


You will notice that the gray/dull colors will come off clean due to the chemical neutralization of the low pH and high pH products. To ensure the desired end result, work section by section when rinsing to cover the entire treated surface.


Benifits of Touchless Washing

Depending on where you are located, there are different chemical disposal laws and if not followed can result in hefty fines. A major benefit of using the 2-step process and products is that due to the neutralization of the low pH first step and the high pH second step, the chemical runoff from rinsing off the contaminants is very close to neutral.

The 2-Step wash process will require far less physical labor, is overall quick to apply, neutralizes the exterior treated surfaces and leaves behind a spotless/clean finish. With routine maintainence, the touchless wash process can help save you money and time. When using the right products with the right application techniques, you set yourself up for success in the future. This process can be used on any vehicle but is a sound solution for trucks, equipment, heavy duty machinery, and other industrial scale cleaning operations.


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