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3D Metal Polish

by 3D
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3D Metal Polish is unique in the metal polish category because unlike the majority of other metal polishes on the market, our polish does not use harsh chemical cleaners or solvents, nor does it rely on old school abrasive technology to remove the oxidation. The chemists at 3D Products started with the goal being how to remove oxidation and restore a brilliant mirror shine without dulling or scratching the surface in the process. They came up with a proprietary blend of chemical cleaners and an abrasive technology that can remove oxidation without at the same time leaving its own scratches behind in the surface. The result is a metal polish that can remove years of oxidation and tarnish while creating a better-than-new mirror shine. 

Material choice – For neglected surfaces, start with 100% cotton terry cloth toweling, for example, cut an old bath towel or hand towel into pieces about 6” by 6” and fold this piece of cloth in half for working the polish over the oxidized or tarnished surface. As a follow-up step or for metal surfaces in good shape, use a soft material, for example cut a t-shirt up into small piece, like 6” by 6” or use a microfiber or cotton applicator. For fine polishing work, visit a local drug store and purchase ladies 2” cotton rounds for removing make-up.

Step 1: Using the appropriate material for the condition of the metal surface, apply an ample amount of 3D Metal Polish and spread the product out using an overlapping circular motion.
Step 2: After spreading the polish out, work the product with firm pressure. If the metal surface has a grain, then work the polish in a back-n-forth motion in the direction of the grain.
Step 3: Using a clean cotton or microfiber towel, remove the residue and buff the finish to a brilliant shine.