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3D Speed - All-In-One Polish & Wax

by 3D
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$43.99 - $103.99
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Size: 32 oz

3D SPEED is the most popular All-In-One product on the market world-wide.  The reason why is because it works so good and it’s so fast and easy to work with.  In fact, it’s the most versatile AIO on the market today.  3D SPEED can be used with any type of machine, any type of pad and is the most effective AIO on the market if you choose to work by hand.  

Just one of the reasons 3D SPEED is so popular is due to the proprietary abrasive technology created at 3D’s own manufacturing plant in Santa Clarita, California.  Unlike most brands, 3D makes their own abrasive technology in their privately owned manufacturing plant based upon their own research and development by their team of in-house chemists.  Everything from the raw materials to the finished product is controlled and manufactured by 3D. It doesn’t get any more real than this.

  • All-In-One car scratch remover, swirl correction and wax sealant
  • Premium car polish and wax all in one bottle
  • Restores paint color, depth and gloss while also adding a layer of protection
  • For best results, apply with a Dual Action or Random Orbital Polisher

Professional Technique Tip

When using a one-step cleaner/wax also called an AIO or All-in-One, on neglected paint, you WORK the product like a compound.  The idea being to work the abrasives to correct the paint the same way you would work a compound or even a polish to remove swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation.

It’s the opposite of applying a non-cleaning wax, also called a finishing wax or show car wax, (this includes non-cleaning sealants).  With non-cleaning waxes and sealants – you do NOT work the product like a compound, polish or AIO, you simply want to spread the product out and massage it over the paint and cover 100% of each square inch of paint for maximum paint protection.

Sizes: 32oz | 1 Gal