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American Line Steel Back Single Edge Blades - 100 Pack

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The American Line Steel Back Single Edge Blades come with 100 per pack and with a .009" thickness. These are high-quality, professional-grade razor blades designed to help you achieve precise and efficient detailing work. These razor blades are made of durable metal, ensuring a sharp and long-lasting cutting edge. With their versatile design, they can easily tackle various tasks, such as removing stickers, decals, or adhesive residue from glass and other surfaces.

Ideal for scraping, trimming, and cutting projects such as removing paint and decals from windows, cleaning a glass stovetop, or industrial uses such as removing material buildup on machinery. The .009” single edge blades fit all standard single-edge scrapers and box cutters.


  • Thickness: .009"
  • Length: 1.5"
  • Height: .75"
  • Material: High Carbon Steel


Box of 100