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Auto Scents Wipeout Odor Eliminator System

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Introducing the Wipeout Odor Eliminator System by Auto Scents

The Wipeout Odor Eliminator System vaporizes, decontaminates, disinfects and deodorizes. Truly a revolutionary, innovative product. Gets rid of odors any enclosed or confined environment. It can change the cabin air quality by safely penetrating any material. It completely decontaminates and deodorizes. The Wipeout Odor Eliminator System works in automobiles, RV's, boats, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartments, restaurants, bathrooms, public transportation and any other public or private facility.

Product Features

  • Eliminates unwanted odors. Does not mask problem odors but decontaminates, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes safely.
  • Quick release product. Penetrates through the air and deeply into any materials including metal and plastic making automobiles smell new again.
  • Easy to use, portable device that releases the most powerful and safest technology.
  • Gets rid of any odor in any enclosed or confined environment.
  • No expensive equipment to purchase.


  1. Pull off safety foil seal and take out all the contents
  2. Peel off Step 2 safety seal
  3. Place container on a flat secure surface or place cup in cup holder inside of vehicle. Open the Step 3 Activator, pull safety seal slowly to avoid spilling. Pour in the center holes. Liquid will go to the bottom of the container. This step then activates the process. 
  4. Close off area that is being detoxified. REMOVE EVERYONE FROM THE AREA YOU ARE TREATING. Take timed processing sheet and right the time starting and ending. Place on closed door or window. DO NOT ENTER WHILE PROCESSING.
  5. After processing time is over, carefully fill container with water to fill line and pour contents down drain. Container is now safe to dispose. 
  6. Take an Auto Scents Air Freshener Pad of your choice and put in the area that has just been detoxified. 

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