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Power Shine

Original price $10.99 - Original price $143.99
Original price
$10.99 - $143.99
Current price $29.99
Size: 1 Gallon

CDS Power Shine Tire Dressing, this premium silicone/solvent-based product is the perfect solution for restoring tires to a vibrant, high-gloss shine. Advanced silicone and solvent technology penetrates deep into the tire surface to provide long-lasting protection against fading, cracking, and weathering.

Applying Power Shine is effortless - simply spray onto your tires and watch as it quickly dries to a perfect shine. Our silicone formula repels dirt and grime, making tires easier to clean in the future. Plus, Power Shine is water-resistant, preserving that showroom look even in wet conditions. Whether your vehicle is a car, truck, motorcycle, or something else, Power Shine delivers superior performance, ease of use, and amazing results.