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Exterior Ceramic Coating - 2 oz

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Introducing the CDS Solvent Ceramic Coating...Designed with cutting-edge nanotechnology, our Solvent Ceramic Coating forms an impenetrable bond with your vehicle's surface, providing an invisible shield that safeguards against the harshest elements Mother Nature throws your way. Whether it's relentless UV rays, acidic contaminants, road salts, bird droppings, or tree sap - nothing stands a chance against this formidable coating. 


1. Detail the vehicle's exterior

Wash, Decontaminate the paint, remove scratches or imperfections, prep the paint with your preferred paint prep product.

2. Apply the ceramic

Wipe on product with a ceramic coating applicator working panel by panel. Allow the product to bead up to the surface. Then with a soft, edgeless, buffing towel remove any excess product.

3. Allow the coating to cure

If possible, allow the coating the cure for 24 hours before returning to the customer or before any heavy use. The coating will continue to cure for around 7 days. Do not get the vehicle wet for at minimum 48 hours.

4. Maintain the coating

HAND WASH, do not take vehicle through automated car wash. USE A CERAMIC DETAIL SPRAY. Continue to apply your preferred ceramic detail spray onto the exterior paint. This will help boost any areas that may be failing or starting to fail and rebond them for complete coverage.