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16" x 24" All Purpose Microfiber Towels w/ Silk Wrapped Gray Edge - 12 Pack

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These All Purpose Microfiber Towels w/ Silk Wrapped Gray Edge towel is ideal for superior detailing jobs. This plush, thick microfiber towel has long fibers on one side to pick up any dirt or dust and short fibers on the other side to absorb any liquid. Cars will shine in the sun and be the envy of friends and family. Made with the best microfiber on the market, this large towel will provide the best scratch- and lint-free wash.

These Dual Pile All Purpose Microfiber Towels can be used for interior or exterior cleaning/drying. General purpose to be an asset for every step of the detail. Use for drying, wheel cleaning or final touch ups. Can even be used to clean glass or for all interior cleaning.