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Iron Remover

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Size: 1 Gallon

Introducing our Iron Remover for vehicle decontamination...

Designed to effectively and quickly remove iron particles, from painted surfaces, wheels, glass, chrome, and aluminum. By removing these metals, it slows down the corrosion process on your vehicle. Make sure to apply in a well ventilated area. Use to also effectively and easily remove brake dust from wheels. When in contact with ferrous metals the reaction will cause the product to turn purple on the treated surfaces, which can be effortlessly washed away. Perfect product for decontamination washes for ceramic coating maintenance. Decontaminate your paint and keep your car looking like new with our Iron Remover. 


  • Fast-Acting Formula Activates Instantly
  • pH Neutral
  • Safe for Clear Coat & Single Stage Paint
  • Ready-to-Use, No Dilution Needed
  • Specifically Designed to Break Down Ferrous Contaminants & Metal Fallout
  • Effectively Dissolves Iron Particles, Turning Purple Upon Reaction
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • How To Apply
  • Shipping Information
  • Spray Iron Remover directly onto any, cool, exterior surface. Recommended to be used outside of direct sunlight. Allow the Iron Remover to dwell on the treated surface for around 3-5 minutes. Agitate with a brush, if necessary, but not required. DO NOT allow the Iron Remover to dry on the surface you are treating.  The reaction with the ferrous metals will cause the product to turn purple when it comes into contact with the iron/metal. Rinse off the treated surface with water.

  • Ships individual or with other items UPS Ground. Shipping costs are determined by weight and size of package plus destination. 16 oz: 2 lbs., 1 Gallon: 9 lbs. and 5 Gallon: 46 lbs.

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