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Rupes UNO Protect Polish

by Rupes
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Rupes UNO PROTECT is a proprietary blend of natural waxes, cross-linking polymers and modern abrasives formulated in-house by RUPES. This true all-in-one product is designed to provide fast correction of moderate to fine defects on painted surfaces while leaving a high quality finish and durable polymer protection in just one step. Unlike traditional one step products which rely heavily on natural waxes for protection UNO PROTECT utilizes the latest chemistry in cross-linking polymers to provide up to 90 days of protection and a high gloss shine. Ideal for express detail services, high volume detailing operations, car dealerships or anyone looking for a fast and easy to use solution to polish and protect in a single step.

UNO PROTECT is universally compatible with all machine types and can be safely used on any nonporous exterior surface with excellent results, including single stage lacquer paint, clear coat, and gelcoat. The performance of UNO PROTECT can be tuned simply by adjusting the choice of pad material. UNO PROTECT is compatible with foam, wool, and microfiber pads depending on the desired level of cut and finish.


Size: 1000mL or 32oz