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Vapor Clean PRO5 327° Single Boiler Vapor Steam Cleaner

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Vapor Clean's Pro5 has a unique design and polished stainless steel looks the way you want your surfaces- Pure and clean! One of the #1 recommended by Pest Control professionals across America and Canada for homeowners and business. Compare below how the Pro5 still stands as the best value for your money and highest quality for your investment. Constructed of materials chosen only to improve the quality, not cut corners and cost of materials. The accessories are identical to those of steam cleaners costing in the 1,000′s. We actually include a few items that you would never receive with other brands.

Built to last – Stainless Steel encases the highest quality components and a well refined design to ensure an extended life expectancy that has been proven by our first time buyers in 1990's that still have their machines.

Powerful - Encased in this package is an amazing combination of temperature, pressure with less than 5% moisture dry steam. Deep clean naturally, sanitize, kill dust mites, bed bugs etc., as well if not better than any steam vapor cleaner or on the market. Clean easily and swiftly while sanitizing 99.9% of all germs in your home or business.



  • Stainless Steel Cylindrical Insulated Boiler ASME AISI 304 18/10 Tungsten (TIG) welded boiler
  • 327° = 0 – 87 psi / 6 bar – Single Boiler
  • Pressure flow regulator Dial
  • Replaceable Heating Element - Lifetime Warranty
  • Digital displays pressure and temperature and any signals you may need.
  • 18Lx11Wx12H - 13 lbs (empty); 17 lbs (with water in tank)
  • Flexible 9 ft hose with trigger switch control 15 Foot Electrical cord
  • 1600 watts Heating power – Amperage 12.5 – 110-120V – 9-11 minute heat up
  • Single tank 2.1 liters – Functionally sized for optimal performance
  • Silicone 12 - 14 gauge wiring, Copper Tubing - Brass Fittings - Double coated circuitry
  • A complete set of 25 excellent quality tools & accessories
  • Maneuverable – 4 heavy duty caster wheels for ease as it follows behind you
  • LIFETIME Warranty - Boiler / Heating Element / External Housing
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • All Vapor Clean vapor steam cleaners are guaranteed new, and Individually tested at our factories


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