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1" Uro Tec Medium Cut Foam Pads (Maroon) - 6 Pack

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1" Uro Tec Maroon Medium Cut Foam Pads (6 Pack) are the premiere heavy polishing pad for the latest generation of compact polishers. These polishers allow for accuracy, fine polishing work, and getting into tighter spaces than ever before. Featuring European foam, with high durability for use in an intensive environment, the pads disperse heat and reduce softening. That means less downtime spent changing pads.

When partnered with a 1" backing plate, these pads are an excellent choice for one-step compounds and polishes, taking care of medium cutting and heavy polishing to clear up moderate defects in the paint system with a haze-free finish. Excellent balance reduces vibration and helps to prevent pad hopping, increasing efficiency through superior surface contact. All of this helps Uro-Tec Heavy Polishing Pads to provide outstanding results.

Recommended to be used with DA polishers.

Size: 6 Pack