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Size: 1 Gallon

Introducing CitrusWave All Purpose Cleaner by Custom Dealer Solutions...

 CitrusWave is a concentrated, organic all-purpose cleaner. Formulated for interior & exterior use, this paint safe cleaner/degreaser was built to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Safe on all interior & exterior surfaces vehicle surfaces. Tropical citrus scent. 

Can be used as a carpet stain pre-treatment to help remove light stains, tough dirt and other soils from your carpet & upholstery. This unique and completely organic formula allows you to dilute the product according to the job at hand. Contains no surfactants or silicones making it safe to use on high end leather and in the body shop setting.

The versatility of CitrusWave doesn't stop there. Our all purpose cleaner will easily and safely clean oil spills & grease transfer with ease. Use as a presoak for initial exterior vehicle cleaning and watch as CitrusWave strips the dirt and grime away. 


  • Highly concentrated & versatile allowing you to custom mix for your situation
  • Formulated for interior & exterior use
  • Body Shop Safe (contains no silicone)
  • Safe to use on leather, vinyl and upholstery
  • Stain remover
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • How To Apply
  • Shipping Information
  • Dilute CitrusWave 30:1 for light-duty general purpose cleaning. Dilute 15:1 for pre-spotting treatment on carpet. CitrusWave was formulated specifically for interior use but can double as an exterior cleaner as well. Adjust the exterior dilution accordingly to the level of dirt and grime. Recommended exterior dilution up to 10:1.

  • Ships individual or with other items UPS Ground. Shipping costs are determined by weight and size of package plus destination. 16 oz: 2 lbs., 1 Gallon: 9 lbs. and 5 Gallon: 46 lbs.

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